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What is an MRE

MRE is Military language for Meal Ready to Eat 

Outside of a military setting, they are often called "Ready to Eat  Meals" or "Wet Meals" 


At ADVENTURE NUTRITION we probably have more  MRE recipes available  and 

in stock than anywhere else in the UK.

It is a meal that has been precooked it can be eaten cold if needed,

There are several ways to do that one of the most popular is using a 

Flameless   Ration   Heater, no cooker, no gas or electricity, no flames,  water is your Fuel.

Just add an activation  water sachet to the FRH or plain water if that is not convenient

ADVENTURE NUTRITION use the Hi-Power heaters from the UK's leading brand  HOT PACK INTERNATIONAL 

Prepared and packed in a special Retort pouch, and when stored in the correct conditions,

they have a long Best Before Date.

The water is already in the Meal, so MREs usually weigh more than Freeze Dried Meals 

In  Emergencies, it can be eaten cold if necessary, as the meal is already cooked. 

All Day Breakfast, Meatballs & Pasta, Chocolate Pudding, and a tasty long life Chocolate Brownie along with many other MRE meals are a long way from the  tin of Bully Beef, Oxo cube, and dry biscuits   used in the First world war 


In the United States, an MRE is sometimes used to describe a 24-hour Ration pack.




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