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Food pouches for camping?

This question was asked by
Gary S

I’m looking for food pouches for camping, what would you recommend?

Hi Gary

Thanks for getting in touch.

We have two types of meals very popular with campers.

Freeze dried,
This is very lightweight, and is also very compact.
To eat it you need to add hot water, and depending on the recipe
wait 7 to 10 minutes before eating. It is real food that has been freeze dried.
Depending on the portion size, the weight is 125g for an average of 500 Kcals up to 1000 Kcals in 200g, with several options in between.

MRE also know as ready to eat wet meals
These already have the water inside, they can be eaten cold if needed, but ideally you would heat them up, either by putting them in a pan of hot water for 7 or 8 minutes, or by using one of our flameless heaters, you add water to the heater, and that will heat the meal up, no need to carry a cooker.
These are normally 300g but you do not need to find or carry any water with you.

It depends on the type of camping you are doing, if you want to travel light when camping wild, and have access to water and a cooker the freeze dried option is worth considering.


best way to store mre packs

This question was asked by
Emily G

What is the best way to store these mre packs when not in use?

The best way to store them is in a dry location, and not expose them to extreme temperatures.
The meal pouch is quite strong, but make sure there is no damage to the pouch, if there is hole or air can get inside, its shelf life will decrease very quickly,

Extreme temperatures can effect the best before date.