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Camping in England

campingIf you are looking to go camping in England, there’s no shortage of gorgeous campgrounds, whether along the beach or nestled into the woods. A quick search will bring up everyone’s favourite destinations from the north to south. You can choose to go camping in the Yorkshire Dales and go hiking and waterfall hunting, or head south for some spectacular beaches and coastlines.

Whatever your destination, there’s a few tips to use to have the best camping holiday in England, which can also be transferred to camping elsewhere;

  • Weather can be unpredictable. It will be raining one minute, and glorious sunshine the next. You can’t always rely on the weather reports, so to stay in high spirits make sure you bring waterproof clothing, and plenty of extra layers for when your wet ones need to dry out. If you have room, bring spare pairs of shoes as well, wellies in case it rains, trainers for hiking.
  • Choose the right sized tent. If there are only two people and you don’t have a lot of gear, a small tent will save you space and keep the heat in at night. Alternatively, if you have a lot of gear, you might want to look at purchasing a tent with a separate section to store your equipment so that it’s not in your way when sleeping. If you aren’t backpacking and have access to a car, always size up your tent to ensure you’ve got plenty of room. For two people choose a three or four person tent. Make sure you enforce a strict ‘no shoes in the tent’ rule as well, you’ll be thankful when it comes time to sleep and you aren’t in muddy or sandy sleeping bags.
  • Try to arrive early to your campsite. Make a note at what time the sun is going to set, and aim to be there at least an hour before hand if possible. Depending on where your campsite is located, as the night rolls in it not only gets colder, but can often times get windier as well and make setting up your camp a lot harder. Not to mention it’s always easier to set up a tent while it’s light so you can see what you’re doing! As a side-make sure you pack enough lighting, to get to and from your tent as well as to sit around outside so you aren’t in total darkness, unless of course you want to me!
  • Plan out your daily meals, allowing for snacks. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and going hungry. If you don’t want to carry a lot of cooking equipment with you, our boil in the bag meals are great to add to your food stash. Pack ziplock bags of nuts and dried fruit, or small energy bars to tide you over if you get peckish between meals. As appealing as a campfire meal can be, not all places have space for a fire pit to cook over, or if the weather is wet you may not be able to easily start a fire. Bring small portable stoves to ensure you can at least cook the basics.

By taking a little bit of time for preparation and to ensure you pack the right equipment can ensure that your camping holiday is a fun and relaxing one.