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Camping Food: Boil in the Bag Tips

Boil in the Bag meals for camping or hiking are easy, nutritious, and they make clean up a snap. Here are two tips to get the most out boiling those bags.

  1. Complete submersion of the bag is not necessary. Cover about half the bag with water, boil for half the stated time and then flip the bag over so the other side is submerged.
  2. One of the great things about using a boil in a bag meal is that once the meal is cooked you can use the hot water to make coffee, tea, etc.

Camping Food: Nuts

Nuts are one of the best snack foods you can take hiking or camping. They are packed with nutrition and can be eaten alone or added to packaged items such as oatmeal or boil in bag expedition meals for flavour and crunch. Each nut and seed is unique in the type of nutrients they provide:

  • Almonds and sunflower seeds – high in vitamin E (antioxidant and immunity booster)
  • Brazil nuts – provide high levels of selenium (cellular health and good for thyroid) limit brazil nut intake to two a day due to the high level of selenium
  • Cashews, pecans and sesame seeds – high in copper (iron utilization, thyroid health, & melanin production) and manganese (good for bones)
  • Chia seeds – calcium (good for bones and helps blood clot) and manganese
  • Pumpkin seeds – manganese, arginine, and magnesium (helps relax muscles, keeps bones strong)
  • Peanuts – niacin or vitamin B3 (brain health and blood flow)
  • Pistachios – great source of vitamin B6 (supports nervous system & helps body digest sugars and starch), copper, and manganese
  • Walnuts – high in ALA Omega-3 fat (cardiovascular health, reduces bodily inflammation, and lowers LDL triglycerides)